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January, 2013:

Tree Service, Naples, Fl. instructs on Proper Pruning

Ian Orlikoff of Signature Tree Care & Eco Logic Land Care is a  Best Management Practices (BMP) instructor for Collier County.

Class: Proper Pruning for SW Florida,  Jan. 15 2013

Description: Proper Pruning Practices, BMP class at Rookery Bay for landscapers

Proper pruning practices ensure the growth of healthy plants which can reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers and ensure that plants are filtering water, anchoring soils to prevent erosion and providing all the other important roles that plants typically provide in the landscape. Pruning can be done with a number of objectives, so it is important to determine your needs such as maintaining or improving plant health or vigor, controlling plant size and form, creating a hedge,  influencing flowering and fruit production or the structural strength of the tree. With these goals in mind,  you can plan and prune accordingly. This training provides landscape professionals with knowledge of environmentally sound skills and tools to correctly prune landscape trees, shrubs and palms. The Proper Pruning Practices for Southwest Florida training is one of several “refresher” trainings required by the City of Naples ordinance 08-11972 and several continuing education units are also offered for other organizations.

Proper Pruning of Trees in Naples,FL

Ian Orlikoff, Signature Tree Care & Eco Logic Land Care assisting Dr. Ed Gilman, University of Florida, on Nov. 13 2012 at Naples Botanical Garden for instructional class on Proper Pruning.