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December, 2011:

Eco Logic Land Care at Heartland Gardens, Ft.Myers,Fl.

Ian Orlikoff, Eco Logic Land Care, guest speaker at Heartland Garden, 4/9/11

Ian Orlikoff of Eco Logic Land Care instructed the Heartland Gardens Saturday gardening group on various compost teas and their value in caring for their own wonderful organic vegetable garden in Fort Myers.Fl.

Heartland Gardens, April 9, 2011

Ian Orlikoff, Signature Tree Care assisting Dr.Gilman, UF, at ISA Class, Naples Botanical Garden, April 2011


Ian Orlikoff, Signature Tree Care, assisting Dr.Doug Caldwell, Collier County Extension UF & Dr. Gilman, University of Florida at ISA class, Naples Botanical Garden, April 2011

Ian Orlikoff , Signature Tree Care, assisted in a  proper pruning demonstration at Naples Botanical Garden on April 13,2011. This ISA class featured Dr. Ed Gilman, University of Florida professor, Dept. of Environmental Horticulture,  instructing the group on proper pruning techniques and reasons why to prune.

Ian Orlikoff, Signature Tree Care assisting Dr.Gilman, UF in proper tree pruning demonstration, April 13, 2011

Lethal Yellowing Prevention, Naples,Fl.

See pictures and read about how Ian Orlikoff of Signature Tree Care  treats Coconut palms for lethal yellowing in Collier County,  Naples,Fl.

Ian Orlikoff checks his syringe before he treats a coconut palm tree with oxytetracycline as a preventative practice to protect the trees from lethal yellowing disease………